The Alementary Brewing Co Collection - ChrisHietikkoPhotography

This show has ended it's successful run.  These are the images that I chose to be featured for the grand opening of The Alementary Brewing Co. In addition to their energetic punch of color I had them printed on metal. For metal prints of this kind, dyes are infused directly into specially-coated aluminum sheets that create a print with incredible luminescence, detail and of course durability. One wonderful by product I discovered is that they take on a whole new feel when paired with halogen lighting, they almost glow. Speaking of light, what is amazing about most pieces of art is that a shifting change in daylight can bring out different subtleties in the scene presented. Come out to The Alemntary Brewing Co. and check them out in person and don’t leave without sampling at least one glass of their incredible brew!! Maybe even a couple.

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