About ME - ChrisHietikkoPhotography

I generally go thru life as if I had a camera in my hand, frequently to the bemused looks of those around me. You will see me ‘double back’ on occasion to get the shot I missed or plan on a future photo adventure because of what just took hold of my imagination, often times with just a glance. My art and graphics background, plus my natural “theatrical” bent (more bemused looks, of that I can assure you) has led me to my signature style that strives to underline the life moment in my images. The life-force moments come alive when I view them through the lens because they are in their purest form – full of power, both good and bad, enjoyable, disturbing, private, joyous and unexpected as they teach me how to see the world around me. The galleries in MY IMAGES page are examples of my passion for life, energy, emotion and embrace the harmony of the unexpected. I am always asking myself “What’s the story???”, “Did I just really see that?”, “Wait, did I hear that correctly?” (Yes, I listen with my eyes). Explore my work and see if you can find your own answers. What are your questions???

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